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Professional VA Services is a nationwide business that offers the services of a virtual assistant in Lincolnshire and throughout the UK. We provide flexible and efficient support to busy professionals and businesses, and undertake work that includes VA, virtual PA, secretarial, admin and web design.

Who are we? Our team of virtual assistants aims to offer the most professional virtual assistant service possible. We have extensive experience in Office Manager and Personal Assistant roles.

We are based near London but through our excellent communication skills and efficient office practices we can offer virtual assistant and secretarial services in Lincolnshire and throughout the UK. We welcome clients from:

  • Small or medium sized businesses
  • Organisations and charities
  • Individuals
What do we do? We provide flexible virtual assistant services that encompass a wide range of tasks, which are aimed at saving you valuable time and money. These include:

  • Secretarial services and administration
  • Presentations
  • Data entry, scanning and audio transcription
  • Website design, content and SEO optimisation
  • Mailings
  • Travel management
  • Internet research, image research
  • Recruitment administration
  • Credit control and invoicing
  • Book-keeping
  • Personal Life Management
  • Diary management, reminder service
Why would you hire a virtual assistant? There are any number of reasons why you might require the services of a virtual assistant. Perhaps your business is being held back by some of these problems?

  • Frequently away from the office and important tasks are not being dealt with
  • Expanding workload takes up all your time
  • Can’t justify hiring another member of staff
  • Doing jobs that don’t generate revenue
  • Need to utilise specialist skills that are not available in-house
  • No premises or shortage of room and equipment
  • No PA to organise travel arrangements or business meetings
  • Just cannot get the right staff

Do these sound familiar? If so we can help you.



Virtual Assistant Services in Lincolnshire


virtualassistantlincolnshire Virtual Assistant Lincolnshire | UK Virtual Assistant Services

We run our business in such a way as to offer a flexible, efficient and cost-effective VA service to you, our clients. As a result of outsourcing various tasks to us, you will have more time to concentrate on your own business. You will be able to give more attention to your important customers. You can achieve this while avoiding the cost of the overheads such as the hiring and training of a temporary or permanent worker.

Because we are close to London and the M25 we can also visit our clients in Lincolnshire when it is beneficial to have a face-to-face meeting. When we are working on a priority job we can also arrange to send or receive paperwork on the same day.

All this means that for both ad hoc work and regular projects you only pay for the work done.

Benefits of Using a Freelance Virtual Assistant

If you calculate the price of your own time, you will see that using our virtual assistant services will give you more time to work on revenue-making activities and therefore provide significant cost savings. Here are just a few of the ways that a virtual assistant can help you:

Cost effectiveness – there are many things that you can simply forget about when you hire a virtual assistant:

  • No agency fees
  • No NI or PAYE
  • No training or development overheads
  • No holiday, sickness or pension costs
  • No health and safety
  • No need to provide additional office space or equipment
  • No employment legislation

Save Time – forget about routine tasks and concentrate on your own job.

Increase sales and profits – work on revenue earning tasks by using your time more efficiently.

Flexibility – you can use the services of your Lincolnshire virtual assistant on an occasional or a regular basis at the times that suit you, allowing you to more easily manage your busy periods in advance.

Value for money – you only pay for the agreed number of hours, which means that no one is sitting idle and you can easily track and control your costs.

Access to experience and skills – you will be able to call upon skills in office management, business administration, organisation and website design.

Why Choose Professional VA Services Lincolnshire?

hirevirtualassistantlincolnshire Virtual Assistant Lincolnshire | UK Virtual Assistant Services

We have many years of professional experience and organisational skills that allow us to work quickly and efficiently, and as we work we have no distractions. This means we can cut down on the time spent on your project to keep your costs to a minimum.

We are independently employed personal and virtual assistants who will provide all the services you would expect from a traditional and professional PA but these functions are carried out from your virtual assistant’s own fully equipped on-line office via email, telephone, post and fax.

Our tailor-made services and range of virtual assistant rates will enable you to focus attention on your own business and revenue generation rather than time-consuming administration. We are a reliable resource who will get to know your business so that we can provide the best service whenever you need assistance and support.

We aim to make ourselves ‘virtually indispensable’ to our clients.

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